How To Choose The Right Clinic For Your Aesthetic Treatments

After months of planning, saving and thinking which aesthetic treatments you want to treat yourself to, you finally decided to go ahead and book your appointment.

But wait… where should you go to get your aesthetic treatment?


There’s a few factors you must take into consideration, when choosing the right person and place to go to for your aesthetic treatments.

After all, you do not want to get a botched treatment for many reasons, that we’ll cover in this post.

Safety first

We’ve put this at the top of our list, because what is more important than your health and safety? Putting your safety first is a great way to qualify the person or place you go to for your aesthetic treatments. How can you ensure the place you’re choosing is safe? Asking the below question is a great way to lower the risks.

Are they medically qualified?

This could arguably be the most important question you could ask when deciding where to get your aesthetic treatment done. We’ve covered this before and explained the risks of having treatments from a beautician, instead of a nurse. Read more here.

Many will choose this route, because it’s cheaper. However, if the beautician were to experience complications, they are not qualified to access or administer the correct drugs, or able to diagnose the issue in the first place. What does this mean? In extreme cases, this could be the difference between a perfect pout and complete loss of the lips, due to dead tissue. If infection takes a hold, it could even result in death. This is in extreme cases, but certainly worth noting when shopping around.


What products are they using?

We’ve treated patients who have been given a price elsewhere that is less than what we would pay for the drugs alone. This is a huge concern, after all, you don’t want an under qualified person injecting your face with cheap products. This should be a huge red flag for you.

We use the highest quality Juvéderm for fillers, as well as Profhilo as a wrinkle reducing and rejuvenation treatment, and Botox Cosmetic for wrinkle relaxing treatment. If you’re offered aesthetic treatments at £100 or less, be very wary.


How big will they let you go?

We won’t ever treat our patients in a way that could cause harm to their health. This results in us turning people away, rather than giving them what they want. We’re medical professionals and we know what is safe, even if that means we’re not willing to give you the look you wanted. However, if you choose to go BIG with lip fillers for example, there are places that are willing to give you very large lips. We would say, if you’re going to get it done anyway, don’t allow anyone to use cheap products on your lips. We would also say, if they are willing to inject more than 1.5ml at a time, they are taking unnecessary risks with your health and appearance. Be patient, the risk is not worth the perceived reward.

big lips.jpg

Do they offer a consultation?

A consultation is a legal requirement and absolutely essential. We wouldn’t treat anyone without giving them a consultation first. We need to know if you are allergic to anything, on any medication, or even pregnant. If we just blindly injected a patient, we could cause complications that could have easily been avoided. Most of what we’ve listed is to help you identify risks and how to avoid them. Don't risk having a treatment without having a consultation first.

What do their patients look like?

This is a great way to determine whether the place you want to use; caters for the look you’re aiming to achieve… or not.

If the “Towie look” is not for you, don’t go to the place that seemingly only produces “that look”. At the same time, if they have bad, or no reviews, this should be a red flag. What is their aftercare like? Do they even offer aftercare? Has anyone mentioned a botched job?

Rather than make your own mistakes, learn from other peoples mistakes.

We appreciate that not everyone will choose to visit our clinic for their aesthetic treatments, but what we want to ensure is that wherever you choose to go you make informed decisions to ensure your safety is not compromised.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us