Here's why you shouldn't risk getting Botox from non-medical providers

Every year, more than 6 million doses of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are administered to patients for cosmetic purposes.


Botox is the most used cosmetic treatment for good reason. It’s affects are far more superior to the alternatives in many ways.

Another reason that Botox is so popular is because it’s not as invasive as cosmetic surgery for one, not to mention it is a lot less expensive and carries lower risks too.

Dermal fillers are also very popular amongst adults who are looking to improve their appearance by enhancing their features.

Lip fillers, cheek fillers and tear trough fillers are just a selection of the most popular treatments people are opting for.

Botox and fillers have made cosmetic procedures accessible to those who would otherwise not have been able to afford the alternative - going under the knife. So having a non surgical alternative, that is cheaper, has been such a positive movement. Many will disagree, saying vanity is a bad thing and people should be happy in their own skin and leave their features alone. But the truth is, people are not happy with they way they look and if there is a way to make them happy with subtle enhancements, surely that’s a positive step?

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You can’t google  “botox” or “lip fillers” or “cosmetic surgery” without stumbling across countless horror stories of what happens when things go wrong.

With the best will in the world and with the highest qualified medical professionals, sometimes things will still go wrong. But a medical professional is qualified, experienced and equipped to deal with any complications in the rare event that they happen.

So what happens when someone who is not medically qualified injects your face and gets it wrong?

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Before we go into the possible outcomes of getting it wrong, we thought it would be beneficial to give you a visual aid. As you’ll see in the image below, there are many facial arteries. It wouldn’t be difficult to accidently stick a needle into one of your arteries, especially if the person administering the injection is not medically qualified.

facial veins.jpg

What happens when it goes wrong?

You will have seen many images, read articles and seen videos that graphically document a “botched” job. Sometimes the result of a botched aesthetics procedure can be excessive bruising, swelling and fever-like symptoms. That’s best case scenario by the way…

What would you say if we told you permanent scarring to your face is still not the worse case scenario?

Although rare, worse case scenario would result in death.

You might be thinking, “there’s a 1 in a million chance of that happening, I’ll take my chances and save £100”


What’s your health worth to you?

A much more likely outcome to getting it wrong is blindness. Could you put a price on your eyesight? How about paralysis down half of your face? Or even losing your lips, due to a bad injection cutting off the blood supply. All the above risks can be avoided by visiting medical professionals for your aesthetic procedures.

Most people don’t think twice about hiring a builder to build an extension, a mechanic to fix a car, or a hairdresser to cut our hair. Why is it when it comes to medical procedures, there’s a different approach?