4 ways to achieve flawless skin

Discovering a way to have flawless skin, is like finding the holy grail. Or so it may seem if you’re looking in the wrong places.

We’re going to discuss 4 ways you can achieve flawless skin. We’ll share with you our favourite treatments and products that are perfect for repairing your skin from sun damage and the harsh drying effects of winter. We’ll also share with you how you can preserve and prepare your skin for months after your treatment.

#1 Chemical Peel

It’s difficult to trust what you see on the internet, pictures can be edited and altered, testimonials could be from fake profiles, the list goes on…

As a way to combat this, we had our very own aesthetic nurse, Lee-anne - record her 5 day vlog on what her experience with the perfect peel (chemical peel) was like.

Watch Lee-anne’s video diary here:

As you can see from Lee-annes video, her final result is a fresh, glowing face, with smooth clear skin.

The chemical peel is not painful and as you can see from the video, the worst of the peeling is usually for just 1 day. We think it’s totally worth it for the result you’ll receive. And so does Lee-anne.

#2 Plasma BT

What can we say… Plasma BT has been a huge hit at our Ribble Valley Aesthetics Clinic. When it was first introduced to us mid 2018, we were blown away. We then received a demonstration - at that point we knew we had to have it. We knew our lovely patients deserved a treatment that really is THAT good!

plasma bt in action.jpg

So what can Plasma BT treat?

Plasma Surgical:

  • Non invasive eye contour surgery – improve eye-bags and eyelids 

  • Wrinkle treatment – non-ablative lifting and regeneration

  • Scar treatment

  • Inflammation treatment

  • Broken blood vessels/capillaries/spider veins

  • Trouble-shooting acne cysts/spots, skin tags

Plasma Shower:

  • Acne treatment – sterilisation of acne bacteria

  • Skin regeneration – tightening the skin

  • Pigmentation treatment – promoting a clearer complexion, improving skin tone

  • Inducing absorption of serums or solutions, chosen to suit the patient’s skin needs

  • Wrinkle treatment – non-ablative lifting and regeneration

  • Hair loss treatment - promotes re-growth of hair

The possibilities are endless with Plasma BT. One of the reasons for this, is the sheer amount of settings that are available. We can treat all skin types, due to having so many customisable options at our finger tips.

#3 Dermapen

The Dermapen is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments at our Ribble Valley based aesthetics clinic. Here's why:


The Dermapen is a revolutionary micro-needling device which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

Just some of the many benefits are:

  • Has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation

  • Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction

  • Gives you a flawless complexion, leaving you looking and feeling your best with minimal down time

#4 Medical grade skincare products

One of the best ways to look your best and make your skin glow with radiance is to have a good skincare routine. Many of our treatments can be enhanced with high quality skincare products.

jpa products.JPG

You want to look after your skin everyday, not just treat it to an Aesthetics Treatment once a month. We've listed just 3 of our JPA products below.


We love C-10 at Julie Pawson Aesthetics and so do many of our clients. Due to it being professional strength, it is able to be absorbed a lot deeper than many serums. This results in your skin looking and feeling hydrated, smooth and vibrant. 

The key to a youthful skin is hydration. Our signature night cream is fantastic for hydrating the skin. Applying this cream at night means that whilst your peacefully dreaming away, "Recover" is working away, repairing and hydrating your skin. Apply before bed and wake up with a softer, more youthful appearance. Who said looking good had to be hard work? 

There's a reason this is our signature serum. It's THAT good! Using natural ingredients, means it is gentle on the skin, whilst still being very effective at removing the build-up of dead skin cells. Our serum will leave your skin looking younger in days, we cannot sing the praises of our serum enough. Many of clients turn to our serum as their go to anti ageing treatment.