What's made Profhilo so popular at our Lancashire Aesthetics Clinic?

You may remember us introducing Profhilo not too long ago. As with most new treatments, we attended a demonstration, followed by a training day. Our first thoughts… “Wow!” our second thought, “Wow, we need to share this on social media” which we did. A “coming soon” treatment.

We then offered a discounted rate to get our first few models, we then created a page on our website for Profhilo. Hey presto! But now that we’ve been offering Profhilo for a few months, what have we learned?

profhilo kit.jpg

Profhilo Works

Profhilo really does work… well! It also produces results instantly. As nurses, giving this treatment to our patients, we see the changes happening before our very own eyes. It still amazes us. For you as the patient, the transition is just as dramatic. We never tire of that moment when we hand a mirror to our patients and watch their (fresh) face light up. amazing!

profhilo result copy.jpg

Softer than a baby’s…

Yes that’s right! Some of the softest skin to ever grace our clinic. It’s one thing to create a flawless a appearance, but when the skin takes on a softer, more supple texture, what can we say? Win, win. there’s a reason Profhilo is referred to as the “air brushing treatment”. We can confirm the hype is absolutely correct, it really is THAT good.

Profhilo the times.png

Profhilo is THE treatment off 2019.

So says The Times. That’s right, Profhilo has been voted the treatment of 2019. We would have to agree with this statement. We’ve been inundated with requests for Profhilo. We’ve also been approached by new patients who said their usual clinic had sold out of all their Profhilo supplies. This has been a common theme across the industry. Now that people know how good Profhilo is, they can’t get enough. Have we finally stumbled upon the fountain of youth? It’s pretty close!

Recovery… What recovery?

So as we’re all aware, most non surgical treatments have little down time to speak of. However, Profhilo seems to be almost non-existent. We say almost - we wouldn’t recommend you check yourself into a sauna on the way home and with any skincare treatment, avoid direct sun light for a few days.

But as for pain and downtime, it’s almost non-existent.

More before and after pictures?

The proof is in the pu… pictures. So allow us to share a selection of our before and after pictures so far.

Are you ready to join the movement?

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