Orlaith McAllister loves our products, here's why you will too.

Our skincare products have been a huge hit, but why?

If you use skincare products, then you've probably used many brands and products, with little or no results.

It all depends on what you're looking for in a skincare range. Do you just want a simple moisturiser? A night cream that replenishes the moisture to your skin after removing your makeup? Or for the gents, do you just require a moisturiser for applying after you've shaved?

Perhaps that's all you look for in a skincare cream. But what if you want more from your skincare cream?

What else can you expect from your skincare products?

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Since January 2018 Orlaith McAllister has been using our JPA skincare products. Orlaith wanted more from her current skincare products than a moisturising cream.


What made Orlaith love our products so much?

Since January 2018, previous Big Brother housemate, Orlaith McAllister has been using our products and forwarding her very positive feedback to us. Orlaith's first said, "Hi Julie I am on day 3 of using the skincare & I absolutely love it."


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Orlaith continued to say, "Before Christmas I had a chemical peel & I broke out badly on my forehead. Since using your protects the red blotches on my forehead are fading" 

The feedback has been very positive so far. Here's what Orlaith had to say after using our skincare products for just 1 month. 


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Orlaith had amazing results and her feedback came after just 3 days of using our products and her second update came after 1 month of using our products.

 We're going to check in with Orlaith to see what her results have been like after 3 months.

Are you tired of purchasing products that don't "do what they say on the tin"? 

Our products have been very popular with our clients for the very reason that they work. There's nothing more frustrating than reading the "anticipated results" that you will never see. If you're looking for results, then look no further, our products always deliver.

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Perfect for men too?

Finally, something for the gents too. Looking good and ageing (well) is not exclusive to women. That's right guys, you can use our skincare products and start seeing the benefits immediately. 

Following the popularity of our products with our male clients, we created a mens section on our website, so rest assured, you're not the only man who cares about how he looks. 

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If you'd like to find out more information about our products, we have a full section on the many benefits here 

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Orlaith has hers, have you got yours yet?

Our skincare products are in stock now, visit our shop to get yours today!