5 things to consider before you get lip fillers.

I want lip fillers, but where can I get them done?

You may have read that title and thought we'd directly quoted you. Perhaps you've said this before or heard a friend or family member ask the question.

Lip fillers are a very popular treatment, you only need to switch the TV on to see a plumped pout. 

lip fillers lancashire

But if you want to get your lips done, who do you go to and more importantly, how do you make that decision?

The answer to that question is, you can get your lips done almost anywhere, but where SHOULD you go is a completely different answer.

Our first answer to that question would be to come to our fabulous clinic situated in the rural Ribble Valley. 

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However, today we are going to discuss 5 key qualifying questions you should ask your potential clinic before putting your faith (and money) in their hands.
Remember, you only get one face, you don't want an unqualified person injecting your face without knowing the correct procedure and precautions to take. 
    At Julie Pawson's Lancashire based clinic, all our staff are highly trained. Our nurse practitioner is a qualified nurse who has also trained at Harley Street. Does the person you found on gumtree charging £100 have the same credentials?

Let's start the essential guide to lip fillers with the first key point.

1. What qualifications do they have?

Unfortunately you don't need to be a qualified nurse to administer botox or filler injections - we know, crazy isn't it?! But it's true, so you could be booking in for a cut, colour and a pair of luscious lips with your hair dresser. This might seem like a good idea, especially when you're shopping on price, but what if they get it wrong? Are they medically trained to handle a potentially serious situation? The answer is no.
   If you had a big fancy Range Rover, would you take it to a back street garage to get it serviced? Probably not, because it's so valuable to you. Surely your face and health are more valuable to you?

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2. "Our signature look is the duck pout"

Of course, no one is going to say this to you when you ask about what they can do for you. As we mentioned before, lip fillers have become a very popular treatment, but with that a very popular look has become the duck pout. Or "trout pout" - not a good look.
    So how will you know before it's too late? Ask to see examples of their clients. Any clinic will have before and after examples for you to look at. Is their signature look huge lips? Do all their clients have the same look, or are they individual based on their current features, their age, gender? You need to be very discerning and make sure you see enough examples of the look you're going for, before committing. 

Here's one of our before and after images

Here's one of our before and after images

3. You get what you pay for.

This isn't unique to lip fillers, this is true for everything in life. So when we put this into materialistic terms, you wouldn't pay £50 to a jeweller and expect a 5ct canary diamond ring that Kim Kardashian would be jealous of! (if only!!) Of course not, the same goes for clothes, cars, houses and holidays. All these things are relatively unimportant - OK so the diamonds are pretty important, but still... not as important as your face. So why would you cut corners and seek a bargain at the risk of getting a botch job? It's not worth it. So red flags if they are charging £100 or below - just avoid them! 
   We charge more than that, but you shouldn't compare our prices to that, as the service we offer is not like for like. You're guaranteed high quality results without the risk factor.


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4. What type of filler are they using?

It's very important that you ask this question. After all, you're trying to achieve a perky pout that is not putting your health at risk. 

At Julie Pawson Aesthetics, we use Juvederm for lip filler treatments. In our opinion it's the best filler on the market, it also costs more than the price that some are willing to supply and administer your lips with. So who knows what rubbish they are pumping your pout with?
    Juvederm is also a favourite of Kylie Jenner - arguably the most famous lips on the planet right now. Within the Juvederm range, there are many types of filler,  we use Volift, which is for a more noticeable but still natural look.


5. How much filler will I need?

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is a perfect pout. You need to be patient and accept that it't a process to achieve your desired look in the safest possible way.

This could be another red flag if you're offered a huge plump pout after one session. Walk away, this is not best practise.
    When creating natural-looking enhanced lips, we gradually enhance your natural lips ensuring we don't go too far and leave you looking abnormal. When your lips are first injected, they will appear to be bigger than anticipated. This is due to swelling, we always advise our patients to ice their lips, to help the swelling go down and aid a speedy recovery. After your lips have healed we can gauge how much more filler you will need and how long it will take you to get there. 

lip fillers lancashire

Everyone is different. You may already have quite full lips, or you may have very thin lips. It all depends on your starting point as to how much filler you will need.

We are more than happy to assess you're individual needs and offer lip fillers in our safe, nurse-led discreet Ribble Valley Clinic.

For more information, contact our clinic today.