The best treatments to get you ready for the party season

Summer seems like a distant memory and before we know it, we'll be turning back our clocks and welcoming in the dark mornings.

But it's not all bad, we're getting closer to the festive party season, which for many of us will mean lots of parties, social events and appearances. 
Of course, you'll want to look your best. Buying a new outfit is always at the top of the list, perhaps even getting your hair done. But what about your skin? What are your plans for having a flawless, youthful and glowing complexion?

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We're going to discuss a few ways you can make the most of the festive party season by looking your best. Having great skin will also compliment your makeup, so if your plan is to "cover up" that's fine. Allow us to discuss ways to get the most out of your makeup by applying it to smooth, supple skin.

We provide treatments for many ladies and gentlemen around the Blackburn, Preston, Ribble Valley and Lancashire areas. We're going to discuss some of the most popular treatments that we get asked about, especially for party season prep. 

The Perfect Peel

Rave reviews, and a revolutionary formula have ensured that the Perfect Peel has shaken up the beauty industry in the states, and now it’s finally available in the UK – even better, the Perfect Peel has come to the Ribble Valley! This ground-breaking chemical peel treatment is administered by our qualified nurse practitioners in our Lancashire clinic, and it’s an incredible option for all kinds of skin types.

The Perfect Peel is a very popular treatment in our Lancashire based clinic. Having the word "perfect" in title will always peak a persons interest. We have a blog post where we have previously written about "what's so perfect about the perfect peel" it's definitely worth a read if you're considering the perfect peel.

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TCA Peel

The peel treatment involves using a solution to remove dead skin – the result is an altogether smoother and more youthful looking face.

We favour a method known as TCA Peels: a straightforward process which works wonders in helping to battle against known skin problems.

TCA peels are a very effective treatment for sun damage, scarring, acne marks and uneven skin tones – to name but a few.

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It might seem strange booking in for a treatment that repairs your skin from sun damage, especially now that we are approaching winter. However, the damage done to your skin over summer will still be apparent. The TCA peel will remove all the dead skin, leaving you with a fresh appearance and a fresh canvass to apply your favourite makeup.

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Easy Phytic Peel

This treatment is a very light peel, classed as ‘superficial’ ideal for those who have very sensitive skin or just require a general all rounder with no ‘down time’.

The peel gives an effective exfoliation , stimulating healthy skin, without the obvious signs of peeling. The skin will ‘flake’, rather than peel.

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The Easy Phytic Peel is very popular in our Lancashire clinic by people who have never had a peel before, or those with sensitive skin. The Phytic peel will leave your skin feeling soft and blemish free. 

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Perhaps your usual festive season party prep involves getting your hair, nails and a quick spray tan done. Those are all essential steps that need taking when prepping for the party season. But as you all know, even a spray tan looks better on smooth, silky skin. 

The peels will enhance your usual regime and leave your skin looking youthful and full of life.

For more information, contact our friendly Lancashire based clinic today.

If you're happy with your skin, but fancy pumping up your pout, or smoothing out a few wrinkles, we also offer botox and lip fillers.

We look forward to seeing you soon.