We love the Plasma BT - here's why you will too.

The latest treatment at our Lancashire aesthetics clinic

The last month has been incredibly busy at our Lancashire aesthetics clinic. 

Our clinic is usually popular for aesthetic treatments, such as lip fillers and wrinkle relaxers, but our latest treatment has caused a real buzz in our Ribble Valley aesthetics clinic. 
We aim to be a progressive aesthetics clinic at the forefront of innovation. Our continued investment into our Ribble Valley Clinic allows us to offer you the very latest and greatest aesthetic/ non-surgical treatments on the market.

What is the Plasma BT?

Plasma BT preston

The Plasma BT is a high-tech treatment that uses focused, advanced plasma technology to treat the following:

  • Upper eyebags
  • Lower eyebags
  • Milia removal
  • Xanthelasma (fatty eye deposits)
  • Crows feet
  • Smile lines
  • Smokers lip lines
  • Lines around the mouth 
  • Skin tags
  • Mole and wart removal
  • Scar and stretch marks improvement
  • Acne scarring improvement
  • Selective tattoo removal

Plasma increases skin elasticity and collagen production whilst reducing pigmentation and oil production. Whats more, the plasma is able to sterilise the skin and destroy bacteria.

Want to get more from your favourite cosmeceutical products?  The Plasma BT treatment can also increase the absorption of your favourite products by up to 120%. Your skin will benefit from the Plasma BT's initial effects, plus a huge improvement in your skincare. 


Want to see a video demonstration of the Plasma BT at our clinic?

Click the video below:


Results after just 1 Plasma BT treatment:

JP Plasma BT eye.jpg
Plasma BT elderly woman eye.jpg
Plasma BT mans eye.jpg

As you can see, the results are very impressive. We've been absolutely blown away with the results our patients have had so far. 

Needless to say, we've had some very happy patients too. 

The above results are impressive enough in their own right, but when you consider the photos are after just 1 out of a 3 treatment programme, they are even more impressive. Can you imagine the results after 3 treatments? We can't wait to see those results and share them with you!

JP in action Plasma BT 1.jpg

Why should I have the Plasma BT treatment?

If you're not convinced after seeing the before and after pictures, this should help you decide if the Plasma BT is the right treatment for you.

As we've covered, the results are almost instant. The total course consists of 3 treatments over 3 months. 

The recovery time can vary for each patient. We'd say recovery times are between 3 and 7 days. You will experience mild scabbing around the treated area. This will heal in a matter of days, leaving a fantastic result.

How long do the results last?

The Plasma BT just keeps getting better and better! The treatment takes 3 months in total, the results however... They last for up to 5 years! We know, amazing!

Is the Plasma BT treatment safe?

Plasma BT is based on focused advanced Plasma technology and is the safest device on the market. This treatment is also no-surgical, meaning there are no knifes, needles or long recovery times. Plasma BT is a totally non-invasive treatment.

For more information on the Plasma BT treatment, contact us today. We're more than happy to sit down with you and talk you through your options and answer any questions you may have.

So far, the Plasma BT has become very popular in our Ribble Valley aesthetics clinic and it's easy to see why.