Non-Surgical Treatments: How much is too much?

When getting any type of non-surgical aesthetic treatment, how much is too much?

You could argue that it comes down to personal preference. To some degree you would be right in saying that, but there are examples that most, if not all of us would agree is too much.

We're going to discuss various popular non-surgical treatments such as, botox®, dermal fillers; eg lip fillers and cheek fillers. 
Now, with a subject like this, you may interpret it as, "well that's just your opinion" or "I think bigger is better" etc... So we're going to approach this from a medical stance. How much is too much and how can that affect you?

We also want to educate you enough to know when the person administering your treatment, may not be exercising enough caution. Ideally, you should seek out a professional who is willing to tell you no, if it's best for you.

Let's break this down into specific non-surgical treatments for you. 

A very popular treatment in our Lancashire based Aesthetics clinic is lip fillers. In fact, lip fillers are a very popular non surgical treatment all around the world.

Lip fillers are extremely popular due to many high profile public figures being advocates of them. Kylie Jenner, Nicole Kidman, and Michelle Keegan.

lip fillers lancashire

However, lip fillers are also very well known, due to the bad press that has been attached to those who've chose to abuse the treatment and go "too big".

We're not going to name and shame, or put pictures up of bad examples. You'll know yourself what looks good and what too big looks like. The ladies above all look enhanced, but not over the top.

We chose to use the above examples, because we advocate subtle enhancements, rather than going over the top.

Lip fillers: what's the worst that could happen?

okay, let's assume the person who is going to administer your lip fillers has eliminated all possible risk of infection and they are using an approved filler. What is the worst that happen past that point?

If you've gone to someone who is not medically qualified to administer lip filler, you may run the risk of them allowing you to dictate how big to go. A medical professional should advise you based on their extensive experience in the aesthetics industry. At Julie Pawson Aesthetics, all our practitioners are medically qualified to administer fillers, botox® and a wide variety of non-surgical procedures. More on that here. 

lancashire botox

The scary thing is, you don't need to be medically qualified to inject a persons face. This means the risk of injecting the wrong area, damaging a nerve or causing permanent damage is increased. Accidents happen, would a person who is not medically qualified know what to do in a crisis?

So to summarise and answer the question of, "how much is too much?"  Our answer is anything more than 1ml of filler is too much. We would never give one of our patients that "fake look" even if they wanted it.

If you go over 1ml, you run the risk of vascular occlusion, which is when the blood supply is cut off and the lip tissue dies. As with any non-surgical procedure, there are always risks of things going wrong, including vascular occlusion. The difference is: a medically trained practitioner knows what to look for. They could identify vascular occlusion immediately. They would then be able to treat the patient with a (prescription only) drug, meaning there would be no lasting damage. If a person is not medically qualified, they would not have access to the treatment needed and that's if they would even be able to identify early signs of vascular occlusion.

We understand that having very full lips is a trend right now. We also understand that if we turn a person away, they will find someone who is willing to give them that "big look". 

Our advise would be this, if you absolutely have to go that big, never have more than 1ml injected per visit. We'd also recommend waiting 3 months between visits, to ensure everything has healed and settled down. This is medical best practice. 

Fuller cheeks or just "puffy"?

Many of our patients visit our Lancashire based aesthetics clinic to look younger. Many visit to enhance their natural features, but anti ageing is a big reason that motivates our patients to have a little enhancement here and there.

One sign of ageing is losing the fullness in your cheeks. As you age, the collagen is broken down in your skin. It loses it's elasticity and begins to sag and wrinkle. One way to combat this and restore your youthful looks is to use fillers. A very popular site to administer fillers is in the cheeks. But again, how much is too much?

cheek fillers lancashire

As you can see from the picture above, the wrinkles have reduced and the fullness has been restored, giving her a much more youthful look. But does she look fake? Not at all. She would fall into that category of people who regularly hear, "you look really good for your age".

What about too much cheek filler?

If you're a fan of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, you may remember Carol Vorderman being a guest on the ITV2 show "Extra Camp" it was during this show, that stunned fans took to twitter.

carol vorderman

Here's a selection of twitter comments that were made that night: 

"Carol Vorderman's eyebrows are not moving and her forehead is very smooth. Do I detect #botox? #iamaceleb,” 

Someone else tweeted: “What has #carolvorderman done to her face and eyes? Squinty eyes and bloaty face,” another person asked: “Who is this woman and what has she done with Carol Vorderman? #imaceleb.”

The comments were quite harsh, but if you were to have too much filler, a puffy look and squinty eyes would be a side effect. 

To give you an answer to "How much is too much?" for cheek fillers, our answer is: anything more than 2ml (1ml per cheek) in 1 session is too much. You can build up the amount of filler in your cheeks, but this has to be done gradually over several visits.
   Overfilling the cheeks can have the opposite affect, you can be left with a more aged look. 

 Our aim is to enhance your appearance and smooth out the wrinkles, not exchange gaunt for puffy. Up to 1ml in each cheek will achieve the flawless, youthful look you are trying to achieve. 

Non-Surgical treatments in Lancashire

If you're looking to enhance your face with fillers, please make sure you do your research first. We have a team of medically trained practitioners who can take great care of you. Unfortunately you don't have to be medically qualified to give some botox®, or lip fillers, which means there are people out there who don't have a medical background, but have the means to inject your face. 

All our treatments start with a no-obligation consultation. We will talk you through your options and talk you through the expected outcome of your treatment.

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