Back to School! Brush up on the ABC's of Skincare

Preparing to go back into routine after a long relaxing summer away can be a struggle. From dragging yourself and the kids up from bed for that dreaded early morning alarm to dodging the rush hour traffic, trying to be a good parent by ensuring your children are in school on time, times like these can be incredibly chaotic and often stressful - which can all take its toll on your skin. However, a hectic routine doesn't mean that you should stop treating your skin and making yourself feel fabulous. Add Julie Pawson’s skincare products to your busy back to school schedule and you will feel the difference. People forget about the ABC’s of skincare and all the crucial ingredients that will make your look A+.


After whiling away hours on sun-scorched beaches, or even forgoing vital SPF protection and spending a couple of days in the sunshine, your skin can become incredibly damaged - even though this may be invisible to the naked eye (for the time being)! It’s time to revive your body and get back to feeling your best. Julie Pawson Aesthetics Skincare range is the perfect pick-me-up with the Daily tinted sun protection ensuring that your skin stays protected but also rejuvenated from long hours in the sun. It contains Zinc Oxide with is an earth mineral that prevents your skin from being damaged by the sun and other irritants by reflecting UVA and UVB rays.


The professional Strength C-10 Serum is another beauty essential from the range, containing many of the beauty ingredients that are vital for your skin’s recovery. This signature serum offers daily antioxidant protection that contains Glycerin which increases water to the skin to keep in the moisture and smoothness. It is important that after being in the sun, that skin condition is repaired and moisturised.


This product also contains Vitamin C which is essential for repairing your skin post-holiday, being out of routine, eating unhealthily, and staying up late. It plays a big role in reviving the health of your skin and protecting your cells from further damage.

These are only two ofthe amazing products in Julie Pawson’s skin care range as there are many others that can be just effective for you that are specially adapted to your needs. As the summer holidays come to an end and it is the daunting back to school time for the year for the kids, the Julie Pawson skin care range is a must-buy for you to make you feel revitalised, fabulous fresher than ever! If your skin needs a little TLC or you just feel exhausted from the eventful summer just gone, try these products for a skincare regime that's top of the class!