Night Time Skin Care Routine with Julie Pawson Aesthetics

STEP ONE: Remove all makeup

First things first, remove all your makeup! It’s so important to remove all your makeup before going to bed – it only takes a second and your skin will thank you for it in the morning! You can either use makeup wipes or a cotton pad to remove away the dirt, oil and makeup that you may not see without irritation! 

STEP TWO: Cleanse

The next step is to cleanse! Use the Julie Pawson Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser to give your skin a good scrub to cleanse dead skin cells and toxins. The Julie Pawson cleanser has so many amazing benefits as it is formulated with natural skin calming properties, anti-aging, and contains jojoba oil which has been clinically proven to have beneficial antioxidant and skin softening properties! Not to mention the addition of orange oil which gives the toner a gorgeous scent! 

STEP THREE: Moisturise

Just one more thing before you can head off to bed – it’s time to moisturise!  The Julie Pawson healing active night cream is our signature and it heals and cares for your skin to help to repair and renew from the stresses of the day whilst you sleep. The night cream has been specifically developed to rejuvenate through its antioxidant activity and re-hydrate your skin to allow overnight recovery and reveal a softer more youthful appearance for the day ahead!

Apply a small amount to your skin and massage for a few minutes before going to sleep!


STEP FOUR: Get A Good Nights Sleep

And finally, make sure you have a good nights sleep! There’s nothing better for your skin than getting a quality night’s sleep!