Do You Want Perfect, Healthy Glowing Skin in Time For Summer? Introducing The Perfect Peel!

Do you want to hear about another revolutionary skincare treatment available at Julie Pawson Aesthetics? Of course you do. 

With the promise of transforming your skin in just one week, The Perfect Peel can give you younger, healthier, and clearer looking skin in no time.  The Perfect Peel is a synergistic blend of 6 acids, vitamins, minerals, and glutathione. 

The perfect peel is different to other peels as combines intense ingredients with effective acids to deliver outstanding results. The unique formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lightens the appearance of Melasma, sun damage and Hyper-pigmentation. It’s a non-invasive treatment, relatively pain free, lasts for just under fifteen minutes and results in only 5-7 days of peeling. 

Just after one treatment, you will see a significant improvement in your skin tone and complexion as your skin appears to be smoother, fresher and glowing. For optimal results for more sever skin conditions, more treatments may be needed. 

All skin types will see noticeable improvements and as long as you use good quality skin care products afterwards (like the Julie Pawson skincare range!) the results will last! Get perfect, healthy looking skin, just in time for Summer! 

The price for this revolutionary peel is £300. A deposit of £50 is required when booking to ensure appointment is fulfilled. For more information on the Perfect Peel or any of my other treatments, contact Julie today!

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