Semi-Permanent Makeup & Micro-Blading

Semi-permanent makeup is now one of the most requested beauty treatments, naturally enhancing your facial features and saving you time. 

Brows - can lift your yes, cheeks and jawline, and can give you a mini 'face-lift'.

Eyes - eyeliner thickens lashes and gives more definition to your eyes and enhances your eye colour.

Lips - lip line, blush and full lip colour gives more volume and shape to your lips.
They also give the face a more attractive appearance. 

Semi-Permanent Makeup can transform your facial features and lasts for years with the right aftercare.

Micro-Blading is another form of semi-erpmanent makeup using a hand tool to implant pigment. This look gives very fine hair strokes and a very soft and natural brow look.

Whatever you desire, there's a look to suit everybody - from soft natural hair strokes to a beautiful bolder ombré brow, you can trust the results.

Gone are the days of old scary brows and hello to your new beautiful brows.


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