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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

As far as most people are aware, non-surgical and Rhinoplasty don't usually go together. But did you know, it's possible to smooth out that evasive bump on your nose without going under the knife?

At our beautiful Lancashire based clinic, we have been helping many of our clients who felt very insecure about their nose. A surgical Rhinoplasty is a very intense cosmetic surgery with a lengthy and painful recovery time too.

You're insecure about the appearance of your nose, but you're too scared to go under the knife. So what's the answer? Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is the answer. 

One of our nurses will administer a series of injections into the area that needs attention. The filler will balance out the appearance of you nose, giving you a natural and smoother look.

The best thing (apart from the price) you can get up and walk away minutes after your procedure. You can't do that after a surgical Rhinoplasty.

With all our procedures, we offer a free consultation with our nurse practitioner to assess you, and offer you the best possible advice and treatment.

£375 - a deposit of £50 is required on booking

For more information about our non-surgical Rhinoplasty, please contact our friendly Lancashire-based clinic.

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