LED Photo Rejuvenation Mask

LED Photo Rejuvenation Mask

LED Photo Rejuvenation Mask

What is a photo rejuvenation facial?
Photo rejuvenation, or a photofacial is a method of treating the skin through using light-based technology.

How does LED photo rejuvenation work?
The LED photo rejuvenation facial is a very gentle treatment that uses light to boost the collagen in your skin. What’s the result of this treatment? Your skin will be left looking smoother, plumper and younger-looking.
The LED photo rejuvenation mask can also be used to kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Will I feel anything during the LED photo rejuvenation treatment?
The LED photo rejuvenation mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Simply lay down, close your eyes, relax and let the mask work its magic, turning back the years on your skin.
    The LED photo rejuvenation treatment is totally painless, cool and relaxing.
Even better, there is no risk of burning your skin through the use of this very popular treatment.

Who is this treatment best for?
Everyone who visits our Lancashire based clinic will benefit from this treatment.
      To be more specific, if you’re looking to give your face a more youthful appearance, clear your skin of dark spots and blemishes and want a cost-effective treatment, the LED photo rejuvenation mask is perfect for you.

The LED Photo Rejuvenation treatment will compliment all the other treatments we offer, except for Botox®. That's not to say those who use Botox® can't use this treatment, it just means you can't have Botox® and the LED Photo Rejuvenation treatment during one single visit.

For best results, we advise you have the LED Photo Rejuvenation treatment once a week for 6 weeks, after that once a month is sufficient for maintenance.

Single treatment  - £40
As an add-on to another treatment - £20

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