8 daily habits that are ageing your skin – anti-ageing solutions at Julie Pawson Aesthetics

We all try to do our best by our skin, but we all have little habits that creep in to our beauty routine, or our lives in general, that are bit by bit making a BIG impact on our skin. Every single day you make small choices that impact your body – we have gathered together some of the most common habits that are ageing your skin…

1.      Eating sugary, processed food

Everyone needs a sugar hit every now and again – but large amounts of processed food in your diet can cause inflammation in your skin cells, which can encourage and exacerbate wrinkles, making your skin duller and saggier. Make sure to eat plenty of foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids like oily fish and avocado. Vitamin C and Zinc are also important, as they keep your collagen firmer for longer.

2.      Alcohol

We all love a cocktail or three on a Friday night, but your skin doesn’t! Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates your body. Aside from drying out your skin, which can cause wrinkles and damage, alcohol also means your liver has to work harder, and toxins can build up in your skin, making wrinkles and fine lines appear more pronounced.

3.      Stress & Sleep

We’ve paired these two together, because they have such a knock-on effect on one another! Not only can stress mean you get less sleep at night – it can also affect your DNA! Stress causes your cells to become damaged, which can speed up the ageing process – on top of that, a lack of sleep can cause your skin to look sallow, adding years to your face.

4.      Not wearing sunscreen

This is the big one. It is literally never too late to improve your skin routine – and the best thing you can do? Wear SPF. Even though, based in the Ribble Valley, we may not see the sun as much as we would like, even on an overcast day – and through glass!! – UV light can be causing damage to your skin’s cells. The Julie Pawson Daily Moisturiser inclues SPF – if you’re looking to pamper your skin and protect from UV, this is an ideal 2-in-1 solution – available from our Ribble Valley clinic.

5.      Neglecting your eyes

Even if you have a great skin care routine, if you aren’t paying special attention to your eyes – you’re asking for big bags and dark circles. The skin is much thinner and more delicate than that of the rest of our face, and needs extra TLC. It’s good to invest in some eye cream to really take care of that soft, delicate skin.

6.      Neglecting your hands and neck

Your hands and neck suffer as much wear and tear as your face – sometimes more! They are key areas for dark spots, dryness and loosening of the skin.

7.      Not removing your makeup

After a long day – or night – it can be tempting to skip this skin care essential – but you’re cheating yourself if you do! Even if you haven’t applied makeup – toxins like dirt and pollution can build up on your skin, causing problems with your complexion. If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t always like too many products, you might want to check out our Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser, available at our clinic. Not only does this remove makeup and toxin build up, it softens and calms your skin, while helping to reduce the signs of ageing.

8.      Ditching anti-ageing products too soon

Do you tend to try out lots of new products and find they don’t work? It may be that you aren’t using them for long enough to see the full benefits. You should give skincare products like our anti-wrinkle medically proven solutions around 6 weeks to get the full effect – although you can expect to notice a difference in a matter of days.

Anti-ageing skincare in the Ribble Valley

These tiny things, taken in isolation, may not seem like much, but combined together, and over time, they can really have an effect on your skin, and contribute to ageing!

Don’t worry – it’s never too late – here at Julie Pawson Aesthetics, we have skincare solutions to turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you are looking for a daily skincare weapon like the Julie Pawson Skincare Range, which helps to fight wrinkles as part of your daily routine, or you are interested in non-surgical cosmetic treatments like the Dermaroller or Skin Peels, our nurse led treatments are medically proven to fight the visible signs of ageing.

If you’re not sure what solution would be the best benefit to your skin, why not give our team a call, or visit to take advantage of a free consultation? You don’t have to put up with sad skin – get in touch!